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Deposits are REQUIRED for all services scheduled

(Amount will vary upon services requested)

(48 -Hour cancellation Policy)

Face Massage


Swedish/Relaxation Massages


MM Customized Swedish

This massage offers a combination of Swedish techniques, sports massage, deep tissue, or focus work based on the customer's needs. Client receives a complementary warm foot soak before or after their session (70 min & Up)


    30 minute  $55      70 minute  - $85    100 minute - $120   130 minute - $170


Focus Work Massage

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy (CNT) 

This massage offers focus work only. The therapist will provide a therapeutic session beneficial for those most troublesome areas to relieve stress, tension, and toxins from the muscles​

     30 minute - $75      70 minute - $105

 100 minute - $135

Prenatal Massage

A Mothers Miracle Prenatal (After 1st Trimester)

This massage is sure to provide regular healthy blood flow to the uterus, placenta, and fetus. Healthy oxygen and nutrients improve mom and baby's tissue health. Mom feels relaxed and tension free afterwards. Mom receives a complementary warm foot soak before or after her session

70 minute - $95


Chair Massage

Reduces stress, relieves muscle tension, relieves headaches, and lowers blood pressure

$1 per minute (5 minutes up to 30 minutes)






Total Body Stretch Bodywork:


Stretching your muscles daily allow you to improve mobility and flexibility, decrease the risk of injury, improve blood circulation by allowing healthy blood and oxygen to flow through your body and muscles giving you the strength you need to take on daily activities.

Total Body Stretch Upgrade w Session:

30 minute - Add $30

 60 minute - Add $45


Total Body Stretch Only:

30 minute - $55 | 60 minute - $85

Infrared Sauna Sessions:


An Infrared Sauna provides

invigorating Deep Tissue sweat which assist in removing harmful toxins from the body. Cryotherapy allows the sauna to provide a relaxing heat and a calm cool to stimulate the body's circulatory system for overall enhanced blood flow and body function.

Infrared Sauna Stand-Alone Sessions

15 minute- 1 person--$35.00

30 minute- 1 person--$50.00

45 minute- 1 person--$65.00

60 minute- 1 person--$80.00

Bodywork/Sports Massage:

This massage includes therapeutic manipulation of the muscle tissues with a combination of Swedish massage and static stretch techniques to relax, loosen, and stretch muscles to improve circulation, mobility and flexibility. Suggested for athletes, weight lifters, highly active clients, or before a workout or physical activity.


60 minute - $55

90 minute - $70

Service Upgrades/Add-Ons

Hot Stones

Stones are made of Basalt a form of volcanic rock which retains heat. 

The Hot Stones are used to relieve muscle tension, alleviate stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and provide overall relaxation​


$15 mini

$25 full body

Aromatherapy (Essential Oil)

Aromatherapy is used to help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, provide antioxidants, and provide overall relaxation

(Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Orange, Lemongrass)


Body Scrub Upgrades

A sugar or salt body scrub is beneficial for the skin.

Applying a body scrub provides an exfoliation, opens clogged pores, decreases skin blemishes and acne

The Body Scrubs are infused with 100% Pure Cane Sugar or Iodized Salt, Pure Virgin Olive Oil, and Essential Oils. Body Massaging Oil and Moisturizing Coconut Oils are infused with 100 % pure Coconut Oil or Pure Virgin Olive Oil, and Essential Oil

Hands - $15

Feet - $15

Hands and Feet - $25

Hands, Feet, & Back - $40

Hot Towel Treatment

Hot towels are used to calm the nervous system, softens the muscle tissue, and increase circulation

$15 - 2 towels

$20 - 4 towels

Scalp Massage

A warm coconut scalp massage with coconut oil will help moisturize and soothe a dry, flaky scalp. Peppermint oil will assist with hair growth, provides a calm and relaxing smell sensation, while increasing circulation

(Coconut or Peppermint)


Sinus Massage

Sinus massage with aromatherapy assist in opening the airways, eases congestion, relieves tension headaches, and reduces sinus inflammation

(Deep Breathe or Peppermint Essential Oil)


TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Massage

This massage focus on the muscles of the jaw joint. A massage of these muscles help to ease headaches, relieves joint and muscle pain, provides better flexibility of the jaw joint


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage reduces stress and tension which could impact blood pressure. Increases the production of serotonin which provides an overall calm and relaxing feeling

Applies to Swedish/ CNT/ Sports Massages

Add $20 (30 min) | Add $25 (70 min)

Add $35 (100 min) | Add $45 (130 min)

Licensed and Insured​

207 W. Barr Street Lancaster, SC 29720 Phone: 803-804-0755

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