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Total Body Stretch

Stretching your muscles daily allow you to improve mobility and flexibility, decrease the risk of injury, improve blood circulation by allowing healthy blood and oxygen to flow through your body and muscles giving you the strength you need to take on daily activities.

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This massage offers a combination of Swedish techniques, sports massage, deep tissue, or focus work based on the customer's needs. Client receives a complementary warm foot soak before or after their session (70 min & Up).

Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy (CNT)

This massage offers focus work only. The therapist will provide a therapeutic session beneficial for those most troublesome areas to relieve stress, tension, and toxins from the muscle. Give back the necessary flexibility, strength and mobility to your muscles.

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Gift Certificates

Benefits of Gift Certifiates

Gift certificates or cards offer easy and convenient gift ideas for your family, friends, employees, or love ones. Gift certificates or cards are great gifts for anyone, but it makes sense that family members top the list, followed by close friends. The holidays are mostly when gift cards are purchased and used, followed by birthdays, Valentine's, Mother's and Father's Day. Give your love ones the opportunity of enjoying a wide range of relaxing and rejuvenating therapies. Overall, a massage gift certificate or card means the promotion of wellness by receiving regular spa treatments. Consistant massage or spa treatments improve overall health and well-being which prevent a wide range of health issues, diseases, and illness. It can improve circulation, relieve chronic pain, improve muscle tone, and lower blood pressure. Whether it’s your family member or employee(s), you are contributing to everyone’s well-being.