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Mission Statement

 Our mission is to prepare clients and our community to become health conscious by educating them on the importance of receiving bodywork and therapeutic massage on a regular basis to ensure their overall health and wellness.

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The Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Business of Choice

Massage Miracles in Lancaster, South Carolina was established in 2017. Our team of therapists have more than seven years of experience, easing the body of tension and stress levels for all individuals. We are certified to work with minors (14 and up), the elderly, and anyone in need of a therapeutic massage session.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to grow and serve our community by expanding opportunities to innovated licensed massage therapists, educating the community about the benefits of a therapeutic massage/bodywork, and offering a calm relaxing oasis for all of our clientele. We also aim to keep the community healthy and well through natural products and massage modalities.


Welcome to Massage Miracles, your therapeutic massage and bodywork destination. The owner is Rechell Cureton, LMT. She has been a licensed massage therapist since 2015.


She enjoys using what she has learned to give you the luxury of a getaway right in the comfort of either your home or her business.


Living in the luxury of southern comfort and relaxation with the demands of parenting, working, and daily stress, one needs to respond with a customized therapeutic session.


Being the mother of three gives her the personal perspective of what a therapeutic massage can do for you, as well as the importance of having someone who can provide the convenience and flexibility of those needed services. Contact Massage Miracles to schedule an appointment for a soothing massage in a calming and relaxing oasis.

Owner Biography

History of Massage and Bodywork

Massage Therapy history dates back as far as 5,000 years ago. Originating in India as a sacred system of natural healing. Hindus have a name for this therapy called "Ayurveda" which was used to heal injuries, prevent and cure illness and relieve pain. Massage Therapy is thought to restore the body's natural and physical balance to assist in healing naturally. Massage Therapy and Bodywork has traveled the world, evolving as it reaches countries like China (Yoga, Thai Chi), Egypt (Reflexology), Japan (Shiatsu), Ancient Greece and Rome (Hippocrates Father of Medicine, and America in the early 1700"s. Doctor, Gymnast, and Teacher Per Henrik Ling, who created the Swedish Movement Cure known today as a "Swedish Massage" and Johan George Mezger who is know for the massage techniques used today by massage and bodywork therapist paved the way for spa services such as hydrotherapy, body wraps, and scrubs. 

Licensed and Insured​

207 W. Barr Street Lancaster, SC 29720 Phone: 803-804-0755

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